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Cork Wines & Spirits opened in Hoboken July 2014 and in Harrison December 2014.  Both cities were in need of a fine wine shop to meet the palates of an amazing and knowledgeable crowd of wine enthusiasts. Not only do they love a delicious wine, but are willing to explore the vast ways that people extract this liquid from grapes. We have taken it upon ourselves to find winemakers who are interested in bringing their creations to New Jersey.  The Wine Guys taste every wine that is in our stores, handpicking each item, making sure that our customers receive only the best. In addition, we encourage our customers to participate in our tasting panels adding their selections to our offering!

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The Upraising Star of Calabrian Winemaking - Dine with Vincenzo Ippolito

  • Cork Wines & Spirits 1450 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030 United States (map)

We are excited to host Vincenzo Ippolito at Cork Wines.  It will be an evening to remember where we will be sampling and enjoying hors d'ouvres.

It was 1845 when Vincenzo Ippolito stamped his initials on the country house in the marina of Ciro among vineyards, olive and orange groves. In agriculture is very diverse, the screw begins to have an important role, although the consumption of wine was very local

With over 160 years of history, the winery Ippolito is the oldest wine reality today in Calabria. Located in the historic center of Ciro Marina, the heart of the Calabrian wine-growing, the company includes a farm of over 100 hectares, distributed among rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea, situated in the classical part of Ciro. Always been the company's mission is the restoration and enhancement of indigenous grapes such Gaglioppo, the Greek Black, Calabrese and finally the Pecorello. Through constant research, the use of innovative techniques, the direct control of all production processes, we seek in our wines elegance, exclusivity and identity with its territory. A fascinating challenge addressed in the sign of absolute quality. Today the company has 14 labels present in 4 continents, a fact that more than any other ahead with a significant entrepreneurial dynamism.

The wines for the dinner are made in a traditional method, the style for both red and whites recall bright fruit, acidity and long expressive finish. these are real easy seller, and drink very well. ALL the material for marketing included.


Ippolito Pecorello Bianco 2104


Ippolito Ciro Bianco REs Deis 2014

Secondo e contorno

Ippolito Ciro Rosso Liber Pater 2012

Ippolito Ciro Rosso Riserva Colli del Mancuso 2011


Ippolito Ciro Ripe del Falco 2001