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We have the finest wine selection and will ensure you have the best customer experience in the area.

Cork Wines & Spirits opened in Hoboken July 2014 and in Harrison December 2014.  Both cities were in need of a fine wine shop to meet the palates of an amazing and knowledgeable crowd of wine enthusiasts. Not only do they love a delicious wine, but are willing to explore the vast ways that people extract this liquid from grapes. We have taken it upon ourselves to find winemakers who are interested in bringing their creations to New Jersey.  The Wine Guys taste every wine that is in our stores, handpicking each item, making sure that our customers receive only the best. In addition, we encourage our customers to participate in our tasting panels adding their selections to our offering!

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Riesling Tasting (Germany, France, and Oregon) Fri 1/19 & Sat 1/20

  • Cork Wines & Spirits 1450 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ, 07030 United States (map)

Join us Friday and Saturday afternoons for our Riesling Tasting.  We will be sampling wines from Germany, France, and Oregon.

Riesling is a white grape varietal indigenous to the Rhine region of Germany. It is a light skinned and aromatic grape and is commonly thought to be one of the world’s finest white grape varietals along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The variety is widely planted in Germany, but is also grown in California, Oregon and Washington State, the Alsace region of France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. And New York's Finger Lakes.

Riesling is known for it’s expressive and alluring bouquet, which suggests flowers, green apples, grapefruit, peach, and honeysuckle blossoms. While many associate Riesling with sweet wine, it actually produces a wide array of wines ranging from dry and complex to very sweet. 

Its naturally high acidity gives it a fresh, crisp taste, and even the sweeter styles are not too thick or syrupy. Riesling is affected by the climate and soil, or the terroir, of the region in which it is grown. For example Californian Rieslings tend to be drier and softer and may have a melon-like taste, while German Rieslings are generally sweeter, more tart, with a peach, apricot, or grapefruit flavor.

Because of its balance of acidity and sugar, Riesling is considered a versatile and food friendly wine. 

Dry Riesling is an ideal wine for pairing with seafood like lobster, oysters, or battered fish. It also complements chicken, pork, and light pastas, as well as vegetarian dishes. Sweeter and off-dry varieties go well with slightly sweeter food such as sweet barbeque sauces and fruit chutneys, and vegetables like corn, yams, turnips, and parsnips. The sweeter Rieslings make an excellent match for many Indian and Chinese dishes as well. 

Both varieties of Riesling are great with duck, goose, turkey, game birds, ham, sausage, and cold cuts, as well as spices like cinnamon, clove, ginger, cumin, and curry.