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We have the finest wine selection and will ensure you have the best customer experience in the area.

Cork Wines & Spirits opened in Hoboken July 2014 and in Harrison December 2014.  Both cities were in need of a fine wine shop to meet the palates of an amazing and knowledgeable crowd of wine enthusiasts. Not only do they love a delicious wine, but are willing to explore the vast ways that people extract this liquid from grapes. We have taken it upon ourselves to find winemakers who are interested in bringing their creations to New Jersey.  The Wine Guys taste every wine that is in our stores, handpicking each item, making sure that our customers receive only the best. In addition, we encourage our customers to participate in our tasting panels adding their selections to our offering!

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Skunktown Distillery Tasting

  • Cork Wines & Spirits Inc. 1450 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ, 07030 United States (map)

We are excited to be tasting some of the Skunktown's favorites:


We hand pick our potatoes to ensure nothing but the best in our Vodka, from the start Our Vodka receives close attention and the highest scrutiny at each step to ensure a clean, smooth vodka every time.

Best served: Over Ice with lemon, With Cranberry

Spicy Vodka

We love heat!  So we added to our garden, the world's hottest pepper.  It's an "obvious" next step to throw a Carolina Reaper into our vodka so you can fire up your night!  

But be careful, this one has just enough heat that you don't realize you're even drinking alcohol.

Best served: In a Bloody Mary, With coconut water and olive garnish


Why fight to make a drink that masks off-flavors of poor rum when you can start with clean smooth rum.

That was our focus for our silver rum – providing the rum bite that is pleasurable in a drink while complementing your drinks ingredients.

Best served: Rum & Coke, Mojitos, Daiquiris

Oaked Rum

It's hard to top a nice rum-based refreshment with friends.  So our very next focus was delivering a warm, earthy rum to enjoy.  

Complex notes throughout with an oak backing to the entire taste; it's easy to understand why many regard our Oaked Rum as very whiskey-like.  

Best served: Neat, Dark & Stormy

Apple Pie Moonshine

Apples, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar and high proof moonshine, hand blended to deliver some of the best and highest proof Apple Pie Moonshine available on a store shelf.

Best served: Skunktown Mule (Moonshine and ginger beer), neat or over vanilla ice cream!

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