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Cork Wines & Spirits opened in Hoboken July 2014 and in Harrison December 2014.  Both cities were in need of a fine wine shop to meet the palates of an amazing and knowledgeable crowd of wine enthusiasts. Not only do they love a delicious wine, but are willing to explore the vast ways that people extract this liquid from grapes. We have taken it upon ourselves to find winemakers who are interested in bringing their creations to New Jersey.  The Wine Guys taste every wine that is in our stores, handpicking each item, making sure that our customers receive only the best. In addition, we encourage our customers to participate in our tasting panels adding their selections to our offering!

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The good stuff you don't know about

The inspiration for this week's pairing came to me from a country ice cream shop that had a board titled  "The good stuff you don't know about."  A few of the selections included lemon basil, espresso black bean, and lavender mint.  I tried banana curry and Wow was that good. So this week we are sharing with you "the good stuff you don't know about". 


Sighardt Donabaum Red Lips Rose’ 2013 - This wine is like opera-it combines the best of the arts to create the ultimate show.  This performance begins with a striking display of coppery pink color that leads you to a bouquet of subtle geranium blossom and red berries. The surprise of fizzy bubbles elevate the fruity, yet dry flavors cherry and red raspberry with a touch of pleasant tart ruby red grapefruit, in a finish that is tied together with clean balanced acid and minerality, leaving the audience to show their appreciation through taking another sip Bravo, Brava. Made from Zweigelt, St.Laurent, Pinot Noir, grown in Wachau, Austria only 203 case of this special wine made

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The Pairing

Here is a are great accompaniment to have with the Red Lips Rose’ on a warm summer evening as an appetizer

Nectarines, Blue Cheese & Lavender Honey Tartine

 What you will need:

 2 large slices of bread

2 small nectarines

1/8 lb Blue cheese (available at Cork)

2 tsp lavender honey

How to prepare it: .

Spread blue cheese evenly across bread slices, saving some to crumble..Place nectarines slices on the bread and crumble the remaining blue cheese over top. Drizzle the tartine with lavender honey and cut into triangles.


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